Welcome to Fusion Fútbol Club

Established in 2000, Fusion Fútbol Club (Fusion F.C.) is a competitive soccer club based in the San Fernando Valley devoted to fostering the talents of a diverse group of youth athletes serious about the sport of soccer. Fusion FC attracts and recruits players with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds representing the international diversity of California.

What does Fusion F.C. offer?
Fusion F.C. offers a comprehensive and progressive training program for the serious soccer athlete. Our emphasis is on long term player growth and team development. Our aim is to prepare players for the highest levels within the sport – our players have gone on to play collegiate and professional soccer, as well as represent on the national team!

Fusion F.C. offers basic and advanced soccer skills by coaches with exceptional experience from other teams. Our players are presented with “global” soccer concepts and exposed to a variety of approaches to mastering the sport. Beyond soccer, we help our players maintain high levels of self-esteem, discipline, academic performance, and citizenship at school and within their communities. We have helped many players to improve their schoolwork, relationships with family and friends, and their overall outlook on the future.